Wrestling with Fantasy

Learning How to Battle the Impurities in Our Lives…

A program of compassionate guidance for men struggling with the devastating effects of sexual impurity.
Designed specifically for men who seek understanding and skills to stretch beyond their own current abilities and develop intimate relationships with the people they love. I challenge men with a call to action for those who are willing to walk-the-walk of sexual purity, challenge and change “auto pilot” ways of doing things, and strive toward a life of Godly significance and freedom!
For over 20 years, Randall has helped hundreds of men JUST LIKE YOU to overcome addictions and other seemingly impossible obstacles to experience life-impacting change!

What Will I Learn ?

Proven Change Dynamics!

Each session is designed around research and years of experience that have proven successful in creating and maintaining healthy change.

New, Effective Skills!

You will be trained on the use of proven cognitive-behavioral strategies to identify, analyze, challenge and correct faulty ideas, attitudes, and/or beliefs that prevent integrity and create relational conflict.

Meaningful Results!

You will learn and experience greater intimacy in your marriage, more clarity in your thinking and behavior, more discipline in your decision-making, and more freedom as a man!

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Group Size is limited to 6 men per group. Sessions are 90-120 minutes long and meet every other week for 7.5 months. Training includes a workbook and guided instruction.

What Men Say…


“My life has been consumed by all types of sexually deviant behaviors. WWF was where I could be honest with myself and others about the hurts in my life. I am free from the bondage of a life of shame, denial and lies. My marriage has been restored.”


“WWF helped me shine a light on the darkness of my sex addiction. I was empowered to stop damaging behaviors. I am now an addict in recovery. I now live with freedom and lightness. The change in my marriage and family life cannot be measured.”