Drug Intervention Facilitation

Drug Intervention

Session 1:

  • Orientation:Family member(s) meet with interventionist to discuss concern and to identify specific needs for help and intervention:
  • Who is the Loved One (addict) and his/her history?
  • Who are the influential people in the Loved One’s life that can help with the decision/intervention?
  • Where is the Loved One going for treatment after intervention?
  • Establish a general plan for intervention – date, time, location and environmental/situational factors

Session 2: Preparation:

  • All participants meet with interventionist to prepare for and to rehearse the intervention process:
  • All participants are oriented to the plan as developed in session 1
  • All participants read letters as planned for the intervention – the interventionist provides guidance and feedback
  • All participants are guided in a “walk through” of the Intervention process

Session3: Intervention:

  • All participants and the Loved One meet for formal intervention help.
  • Participants meet one hour before the intervention to do final preparations for the process
  • The Loved One is brought into the experience
  • Interventionist introduces the process to the Loved One
  • All participants read letters and express concern as practiced
  • Interventionist guides the sharing and responding process and educates the loved one on the decision to be made and associated costs/ benefits.
  • Interventionist facilitates action around final decision


Randall C. Rice, MC, Licensed Professional Counselor
22 Years as a Professional Substance Abuse Counselor
Work history includes
hospital-based treatment
intensive outpatient,
adolescent services,
treatment for substance-abusing criminal offenders.

and Private Practice, outpatient counseling since 2000.